Thursday, May 2, 2019

A dynamic change in Education Sector

In the pink city, best CBSE school in Jawahar Nagar, “Seedling School” is evolving with the ever-changing education pattern to teach the students with modern techniques and updated curriculum. There is a drastic change that is noticeable and necessary in the contemporary situation. Let’s have a glance:


Teaching about technology was often heard but knowledge with tech is a new concept. E-classrooms is an initiative taken by many top modern high school in Jaipur, where the focus on audio-visual aids is given more rather than the traditional style of learning i.e. books or lectures. As it is proven that kids extract more information when they see rather than only hearing.
 best CBSE school in Jawahar Nagar

Focus on co-curricular activities

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, the proverb is taken seriously by the schools. They are focusing on co-curricular activities and other curriculum-related activities more to make the basics clear and better understanding of the kids. This makes learning fun and interesting for the students and engages them more in their learning process, making school their favorite place.

Exposure to the world

From a very young age, the kids are introduced to other cultures of the world through student exchange programs or the schools collaborating with other International institutions. It is one of the best ways to open a global platform for students. 

Involvement of parents

In a lot of schools, there is an initiative to have PTA’S i.e. Parents and Teachers Association where parents can be involved to make a mutual decision with the school for the betterment of their kids.  Apart from that regular parent-teacher meetings are conducted to discuss student’s performance and growth.

Overall Personality Development

We are aware of the fact that schools now do not only focus only on the intellectual growth of the students. Just like the way nobody can teach a fish to climb a tree, every student has their own talents that need to be polished and furnished. On the plus side, there are different personality classes for proper grooming of the students which include moral science and soft skills.
Safety Concerns

Parents trust schools and send their kids for more than 8 hours. Their apple of an eye is far from their eyesight and their safety is a major concern of the parents. For that schools have strict policies that only parents can pick their wards and that too with their parents’ ID cards. Availability of gate guards and CCTV in every corner of the campus creates a safe learning environment.

Sensitivity to the environment and surroundings

Yes, sympathy and empathy are being developed in students to make them sensitive towards the surroundings, plus awareness and knowledge about global issues like global warming and pollution have been conveyed. It might seem senseless but kids do understand these things.

Knowledge beyond Classrooms

Out from the classroom may be to a field or lab, students are given the exposure of the very best for a better understanding and clearing basic concepts.